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North America Exploration 88 Energy Ltd Project Icewine, 69 contiguous permits onshore Alaska totalling ~100,000 acres See Flyer Open EzDataRoom 404
South America Exploration CGX Energy Inc. Corentyne, Demerara, Berbice See Flyer Open EzDataRoom 370
North Africa Exploration Envoi Limited Ksar Hadada Permit, Onshore Tunisia See Flyer 408
North America Exploration Junex inc. Junex Exploration Licenses Package See Flyer 397
Caribbean Exploration Niko Resources Ltd Trinidad Assets (Guayaguayare) See Flyer Open EzDataRoom 306
South America Exploration Niko Resources Ltd PEPB-M-729 & PEPB-M-621 See Flyer Open EzDataRoom 378
Caribbean Exploration Niko Resources Ltd Trinidad Assets (Block 4b) See Flyer Open EzDataRoom 304
Caribbean Exploration Niko Resources Ltd Trinidad Assets (NCMA-2 & 3) See Flyer Open EzDataRoom 305
SE Asia Exploration PT. EASCO East Sepanjang East Sepanjang PSC See Flyer Open EzDataRoom 402
SE Asia Exploration Primeline Energy Holdings Inc. Contract Area 33/07, East China Sea See Flyer 399
West Africa Exploration Pura Vida Energy Nkembe Permit, Offshore Gabon See Flyer Open EzDataRoom 319
UKCS Exploration Summit Exploration and Production Limited UK Central North Sea, Block 15/16d See Flyer 401
Africa Appraisal Svenska Petroleum Exploration AB Blocks 2, 4A and 5A, Licences Sinapa (Block 2) and Esperanca (Block 4A and 5A) See Flyer Open EzDataRoom 379
Middle East Exploration Three Crown Petroleum Sarah and Myra licenses See Flyer 400
Africa Exploration Tullow Oil Mandabe - Block 3109 and Berenty - Block 3111, Onshore Madagascar See Flyer 405